British School Of Sofia at Bio Garden “Vitosha”

Since 2014 Sofia has a Bio Garden, named “Vitosha”. It is a local community garden, where the people of Sofia grow plants: trees, flowers, bushes, etc.

The idea of this garden was born by the people who are living around. They decided to turn the dirty dump place in front of their residential into a small biodiversity garden. And, they did it.

Today the Bio Garden “Vitosha” is a magic palace with a large variety of plants and trees. Also many insects are living there. The people who care and support the garden invest much of their free time in the array of ecosystem services that critically contribute to human well-being. Among them are the living-organisms that occupy the surface of the Earth and form the biosphere. All this is of great importance for humans and for the health of ecosystems. Furthermore, It allows humans to live healthy live, to cure diseases, and even to be happy.

Biological resources are the core element of economic development, medical discoveries and many contemporary challenges. For instance, the improvement of Pharmaceutical industry, Biotechnology, Agriculture, Beverage industries, etc. are  dependent on biodiversity. Thus British School Of Sofia, as a responsible educational institution, supports the Bio Garden of Sofia.

In this context the students from KS1 visited the garden to put in flowers and to understand how the process of plant-growing happens. This visit was part of their IPC class. After knowing how the seeds grow up and how the reproduction starts, the children had to put in their flowers and let them become bigger and bloom faster.

In the meantime they were shown a lot of interesting things like how decayed organic material is used as a plant fertilizer. The compost heap, the process of natural rain watering, the creation of bird houses, as well as real insects` hotel house and the bee hive. All this impressed the students much. They were given the chance to touch a real honeycomb and to see how the bees are organized inside. They already know how important are the bees for human`s life. Among the interesting things were the free book library, having literature devoted to biodiversity. And, of course there was a time spent in playing games.

Thus, in a good mood and with high spirit the students did their work well. Now the garden has many new flowers. Soon we will visit it again to check how they feel. We felt amazing.