Build a robot from a Lego set


A revolution in education. Robotics takes a core role in education. At the present time many schools are interested in teaching robotics. It is a filed of study that matches the new digital technology curriculum and is supported by many universities. The robot itself is a mechanical device that is programmed to follow a set of instructions.

Robotics helps students to address their demand for learning Science, Technology, Maths, etc. and is suitable for engaging children with autism.

#BritishSchoolOfSofia Robotics classes are among the most preferred - they give students the chance to interact innovatively. Its mission is to use the motivational effects of robotics to excite students. Also, LEGO robots allow students additional practice programming.

Look at a BSS current project. It is a robot, built from a LEGO set, which represents a Funfair with rides, sideshows and many other amusements. The project engaged many students from different ages. It is shown on the pictures. Just have a look.