Welcome children!

Primary School – children from 6 to 11 years old

The curriculum of British School of Sofia aims to develop the cognitive and motor skills of the growing ups and takes into high importance their emotional and social development. The curriculum focuses on improving communication skills, logical thinking and knowledge of the world through observation and experimentation. The focus of the academic program is on Language Arts, Mathematics and Science. Bulgarian as a native and foreign language classes are included in the academic program. The external examinations and assessment is according to the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). Students sit on Cambridge Primary Checkpoint exams in English, Mathematics and Science at the end of Grade 6.

We introduce Information and Communication Technologies education, Physical Development, Applied and Fine Arts and Music contribute to the multilateral development of the child.


Middle School – children from 12 to 14 years old

We are following the British National Curriculum and the students study Bulgarian as a native or foreign language depending on their origin. In Grade 3 a Modern Foreign Language is introduced – one between Spanish, French and German. Students sit on Cambridge Secondary Checkpoint exams in English, Mathematics and Science at the end of Grade 8. Students work individually or in teams to different projects, master various learning techniques, learn how to explore and develop their minds.

The Information and Communication Technologies program, Physical Development, Arts and Extracurricular Activities are key contributors to students’ multilateral development. Through focusing on the dynamic combination of knowledge, skills, independent critical and creative thinking, international tolerance, our leading principle is to educate active and responsible citizens of the society, successful in all areas of life.