Dear students and parents,

In our high-tech age, education is like a “buried treasure” which promises success and a competitive edge in later life. There is a direct link between the level of education and professional success. Better education enhances the chances for success in later life. In many countries around the world, elite schools are a guarantee for a successful career.


The British School of Sofia appeared in Bulgaria as a response to the need for high quality education. It is a school which aims to create young people who have the competitive skills to pursue careers all over the world. Our school day finishes at 17.30 and pupils go home with a broad smile on their faces. The next morning they cross the threshold of the school with the same smile. What makes us very happy and very proud is that our school is full of smiling children.


I would like to wish all our pupils a very successful school year. I would also like to wish my colleagues success in dealing with all the challenges of British School of Sofia.


I wish everyone health and happiness!

Teodora Nenova