School life

In British School in Sofia, like every British school, the uniform is mandatory.
We provide transportation to and from school on a daily basis. The usage of school transport is optional.
Our teachers are highly qualified and carefully selected. Bulgarian teachers have Master's degree in the subject they teach. They are educators with experience in kindergarten, primary and secondary school. They are professionals who plan their work in accordance with the age of the children and the specific requirements of the educational model. Many of them speak two or  three languages​​. English lessons are lead by teachers from the UK, so called "native speakers". Foreign language classes are also lead by native speakers.
The English language is taught from an early age as native, i.e. children are immersed in a foreign language environment and follow the British educational model. Activities provided in the curriculum, stimulate rapid and harmonious development of the child. The educational process is diverse and interesting. The Curriculum has room for main and extracurricular activities that promote development of the potential of each student.
British School in Sofia has chosen to teach and develop children for all areas in life, we offer basic and extracurricular activities. The main activities are related to the curriculum subjects and extracurricular activities include sports and creative activities. Children will experience various sport and art activites and will develop various skills. Teaching and learning foreign languages ​​and computers is our priority, we stress on maths and science and humanities. Our educational model emphasises on the intellectual, personal, emotional and social development of the students.
Extracurricular activities enable children prospering specific skills and building new ones. Thus children are abale to make new friends.